Enrichment and Professional Connections


Internships and Apprenticeships


Stevenson looks to add work in special areas of interest for students, especially those who have made significant progress towards graduation or otherwise shown readiness for such additional experiences.  Over the years, students have worked at social service agencies, commercial establishments, and independent ventures–even other schools!  Each added experience is carefully selected, closely supervised, and intentionally designed.  In result, students not only may earn credit for some of this work, but they also learn how productive and valued they can be in the world beyond Stevenson’s walls.


Music, the saying goes, is a universal language. At Stevenson, it’s also an exuberant social and emotional outlet. Stevenson’s Rock Band is, and has been, heralded for its thrill, warmth, fun, and musicianship.

Now, another innovative musical program has been established on our campus. “Musical Interludes,” launched in the fall of 2018, is taking Stevenson forward as a musical campus. “Musical Interludes” is a series of Friday performance events from September through June by visiting professional ensembles that return throughout the school year. “The idea is to excite our campus with top musicians from various musical genres, whom students get to know personally over time,” said Jerry Pavlon-Blum, Director of Program Innovation at Stevenson. “Stevenson is alive with musical students and faculty, so having a set of esteemed, friendly musicians playing regularly and interacting with us feels great.”

Across the years, ensembles will visit campus.  Each nationally renowned and award-winning, we are fortunate to welcome such musicians as: the Cassatt String Quartet with classical and new string music; Mark Wade Trio with various forms of Jazz; Kyo Shin An Arts’ James Nyoraku Schlefer and friends with western music played on Japanese instruments; and, NYC’s premiere high school ensemble, Face The Music, with fellow high school students playing known and original compositions.

“Questions from Stevenson students were on the same level of musical sophistication as any that professional students might ask about musical process, rehearsing and investigating very hard new music,” said Director of Face The Music, Vasudevan Panicker. “They’re the same questions FTM musicians ask themselves and each other, so the conversation was rich and meaningful.”

Musical Interludes also incorporates other student opportunities to spend more time and form closer bonds with the musicians.  Students had an opportunity to sign up for “Lunch with The Artists.”  As Pavlon-Blum sees it, “It s a total thrill having top artistic talent returning to Stevenson all year long. It’s a collegiate experience to have Master Teachers hanging out, playing, and talking with students, which is exactly what we’re readying students to enjoy next.”  Most recently, Stevenson was proud to launch a partial year course led by Classical Jam as visiting artists.

Visiting Professionals